Welcome to the Counselor Education, Supervision, and Development, LLC (CESD, LLC) website. CESD is a small business that provides professional counseling services, psych-education for individuals and groups, and professional counselor and counselor training resources.

Professional counseling services:

The professional counseling services are provided by a licensed mental health counselor. Through counseling oriented from a holistic wellness perspective, the CESD mission is to support persons wanting relief from anxiety, depression, grief, and emotional pain. The goal is to help persons work towards being and to live healthier in multiple areas of life.

Professional counseling services are private and provided in accord to the ethical standards of the American Counseling Association (ACA). In addition, these services are also in alignment with the state of New Jersey professional counseling licensure board (NJCA). For more information on the ACA Ethics visit counseling.org and for NJ professional counselors njcounseling.org

Psych-education for individuals and groups:

The psych-education for individuals and groups is a unique effort of CESD that seeks to integrate mental wellness with other life areas and professional disciplines through community talks, panel discussions, and speaker series.

The mission of psych-education is to provide a space to open up dialogue that concerns diverse perspectives on what’s going in society, how we relate to past and current events, and to share the emotional pull that societal events has on us.

The goal of the psych-education is for individuals and groups to share, listen, and process how to heal, grow, and work towards a more just society.

Professional counselor & counselor training:

This professional training is offered through education tailored for mental health professionals. The education is provided through workshops and short-term classes on topics pertaining to clinical practice and evidence-based intervention/prevention tools.

As a prime resource, clinical supervision is available to post-masters level counselors-in-training. For more information, please contact Sherritta Hughes at 256.679.7064 or fill out the form on the contact page of this website. You may also email me at sherrittahughes1@yahoo.com