Attention: CESD & Hughes Integrative Wellness, Inc. want to publicly take an advocacy stance for the people who were killed in Buffalo, NY in the name of the systemic institution termed white supremacy. We are reflecting upon and praying for the mourners and know that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (MLK, Jr.).

We also want to publicly take an advocacy stance for the victim, family, and friends of the children who were killed, yesterday, in TX. Again senseless killings of students at another school–children and the teachers–is uncalled for an preventable.  

Welcome to Counselor Education, Supervision, and Development, LLC (CESD, LLC).

CESD, LLC is a small business that provides professional development and clinical supervision for associate and fully licensed counselors.

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Professional development: 2022 Programs are Coming Soon!!!!!

The professional development is offered through evidenced-based instruction modalities for mental health professionals in counseling.

Professional development is provided through several modalities: workshops, training, and classes on topics pertaining to clinical practice, advocacy, and ethics. Each modality incorporates social and cultural diversity factors that lend to multicultural and social justice proficiency.

  • Workshops — 90 minute sessions offered once monthly
  • Training — 3 hour sessions offered bi-monthly
  • Classes — 10-45 hour sessions offered three times annually

Registration coming March 11, 2022.

Clinical Supervision:

Clinical supervision is facilitated via an integrated approach, using developmental and multicultural supervision theory.

Clinical supervision is available to associate level counselors (LAC) and fully licensed professional counselors (LPC).

For more information, please contact Dr. Sherritta Hughes, LPC, ACS at sherrittahughes1@yahoo.com or fill out the form on the CONTACT PAGE of this website.

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