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This 5 session virtual lecture series is on the topic of cultural identity models discussed and recognized in counseling and psychology disciplines. The identity models are theoretical in nature, deserving of further discourse and research, and ultimately to be increasingly recognized in theory and therapy learning materials. The models covered will be:

  1. Biracial Identity Development
  2. Cass Identity Model
  3. White Racial Identity Model
  4. Black Identity Development
  5. Integrated Model of Racial Identity (People of Color)

Each lecture will:

  • Be live virtual in real time
  • Have a set time for Q&A, discussion, and comments
  • Will be 1.5 hours in length
  • Be held on Monday evenings:
  • Feb. 18 & 25
  • Mar. 4 & 11
  • Apr. 8


Somerset, NJ 08873

Note: 2019-2020 Most workshops, trainings, and lectures will be virtual! Registration available at

NBCC Approved Trainings 2018-2019

  1. Multicultural Supervision for the Counseling Supervisor (6 CEs)
  2. 2-Day Professional Development Training on Ethics, Social, and Cultural Issues for the Licensed Counselor (8 CEs)


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