Summer 2017 Dates



5/28 — 13th Documentary viewing and panel/open discussion (Day/Time: Sunday, 3pm – 6pm; Cost: $10)

5/31 — Cultural Identities and Encounters: How to Improve Relationships from a Multicultural Perspective (Day/Time: Wednesday 7pm – 9pm; Cost: $10)


6/10 — Wellness Group: 8 Dimensions of Life and How They’re Related (Day/Time: Saturday,  1pm – 3pm; Cost: $10)

6/18 — Fire in the Blood Documentary and Panel Discussion on AID Crisis in Africa and the American Medication Connection (Day/Time: Sunday, 3pm – 6pm; Cost: $10)

6/24 — Wellness Group: Becoming the Solution for Your Life Problems (Day/Time: Saturday, 3pm – 6pm; Cost: $10)


7/11 — Wellness Group: Tension Reduction for Mental Relaxation (Time: 7pm – 8pm; Cost: $10)

7/21 — Bake-Off Competition: A Charity Occasion for Franklin Township Youth Headed Back to School for the Fall 2017 School Year (Day/Time: Friday, 7pm – 9pm; Cost: $10)

7/23 — Wellness Group: The Nutrition Emotion Connection and Aging with Grace (Day/Time: Sunday, 3pm – 5pm; Cost: $10)


8/5 — And Still I Rise Documentary viewing and open mic night (Day/Time: Saturday, 6p – 9p; Cost: $10)

8/16 — Wellness Group: Parenting for Emotionally Stable Youth (Day/Time: 6pm – 8pm; Cost: $10)

8/26 — Back-To-School With a Purpose: Free Supplies, Motivation, and Haircuts (Day/Time: Saturday, 11am – 3pm; Cost: $FREE)

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