Continuing Education

CESD, LLC is an Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) under the helm of the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). 

ACEP Logo-weba Counselor Education, Supervision, & Development, LLC (CESD) has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7020. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. CESD is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

**Note: The above statement is to comply with NBCC Policy Sections J.4 and J.5

In alignment with the CESD, LLC Mission, Goal, and Purpose, the CE obtained via attending the trainings, workshops, and classes is a tripartite inclusive of 1) being affordable, 2) addresses various learning needs of professional mental health counselors, and 3) provides an undercurrent of social, cultural, and ethics in each modality (e.g., training, classes, & workshops).

2022 Schedule of Summer Continuing Education

2022: WORKSHOPS: Addressing Racial Trauma fin Mental Health Care: A Cross-Cultural Approach

3 Hours: 3 Continuing Education (CEs)

Cost: $90.00 (Registration Open: March 15, 2022 )

May 14, 2022: Sunday @  9:30AM — 12:30PM 

Learning Objectives (L.O.): 3

  • L.O. 1: Describe racial trauma and how it impacts mental well-being
  • L.O. 2: Introduce Racial Battle Fatigue in terms of creating treatment plans for clients impacted by racial trauma
  • L.O.3: How to evaluate the therapeutic alliance for improved outcomes when the presenting problems are related to experiences with racial trauma

2022 Day Training: A Guide for Starting a Mental Healthcare Private Practice: 6 Hour Training

Description: This training provides a guided formula to starting, maintaining, and growing a mental health care private practice. Registration is open!

Day & Time: Saturday May 28, 2022/8am to 1pm

Cost: $200.00

Registration link:

Content: The following will be covered…

1. How to start and register your business : Application, business name, deciding on type of business structure, approximate costs of venture

2. What standards of care and codes of ethics to be aware of: Laws, proper documentation, and other forms necessary

3. The process of paneling with insurance companies: Made easy! Pros and cons, and in comparison to private pay

4. Choosing a using virtual platforms: benefits, cost, being user-friendly to clients

5. Billing: Billable codes, documentation, a how to guide

6. Setting fees and sliding scales for private pay

7. Culturally responsiveness built into the business plan and services offered

2022 ETHICS CLASS: The Overuse of Adjustment Disorder Diagnoses: A Training on the Ethical Use of  

6 hours: 6 CEs 

Cost: $300 (Registration will open March 15, 2022)

August 4  & 5, 2022: Saturday & Sunday @ 10AM – 1PM (Both days, same times; Attendance is required for both days)

Learning Objectives (L.O.): 4

L.O. 1: Cover the skills of diagnosing in terms of ethical standards of practicing mental health care for the counseling and social work practitioner.

L.O. 2: Conceptualize the Adjustment disorders within the context of the Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders category in the DSM-5. Here will be an address of the ethical dilemma for overuse of the Adjustment disorders.

L.O. 3: Provide and demonstrate a comprehensive decision-making formula for knowing when clients meet and do not meet criteria for an Adjustment Disorder. 

L.O. 4: Creating plans of treatment for clients who have met criteria for an Adjustment Disorder. Here will be an exploration on how to note progress over a six (6) month timeframe that incorporates a utility of appropriate interventions, continuity of care, and evaluation of how to determine if client meets diagnostic criteria for other disorders.   

VIRTUAL COURSE: Calling All Mental Health Practitioners Seeking to Become Approved Clinical Supervisors: A 45-Hour Clinical Supervision Training Covering the Nine (9) Content Areas Required by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE; Required Training | ACS (

45 Hours: 45 CEs align with the requirements for ACS

Cost: $400.00 (Registration opens March 15, 2022)

Benefits of registration:

  • Meets a requirement for the Approved Clinical Supervisor credential!
  • A clinical supervision textbook
  • At the end of the course: documentation of this training that serves as a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION verifying the 45 hours of training that covers each CE required area
  • A syllabus detailing the content descriptions, learning objectives, and agendas to demonstrate that each content areas was covered

August: Mondays & Wednesdays: 5p – 9p/Saturdays 9a – 1p

Course Dates & Topics Covered: Accelerated Course that covers ALL 10 REQUIRED TOPICAL AREAS (M-Mondays, W-Wednesdays, S-Saturdays)

  • M-Aug 8 – Roles and functions of clinical supervisors (Topic 1)
  • W-Aug 10 – Models of clinical supervision (Topic 2)
  • S-Aug 13 – Mental health-related professional development (Topic 3) & Methods and                                      techniques in clinical supervision (Topic 4)
  • M-Aug 15 – Supervisory relationship issues (Topic 5) & Cultural issues in clinical                                              supervision (Topic 6)
  • W-Aug 17 – Group supervision (Topic 7) 
  • S-Aug 20 – Legal and ethical issues in clinical supervision (Topic 8)
  • M-Aug 22 – Evaluation of supervisee competence and the supervision process (Topic 9)
  • W-Aug 24 – Culturally responsive supervision (Topic 10): Revisions to ACS requirement                                 credential 

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