Hughes Integrative Wellness, Inc.: A Group Private Mental Health Care Program

“…Affordable mental health care, because it is a right, not a privilege”

Hughes, S. (2020)

We are now accepting new clients: Employment Assistance Programs (EAP) are welcome

We take the following insurances: United Health Care, BCBS Horizon, Cigna, Aetna, & Private Pay (ALL INSURANCES NEED TO BE CURRENT/ACTIVE)

Note: We have lower cost fee schedules for private pay, Medicaid, and Medicare insurance holders.

For more Information & Intake: 609.515.8448

Intake Line: (A private line to speak with someone on how to begin services.)

  • When you call:
  • Our Administrative Personnel will ask you a few questions on what you are seeking services for, about your insurance, a best contact for you.
  • On this same call, you will be informed of a private personal client portal being sent to your email address. Be sure to complete with current mailing address (for insurance purposes) and send these intake documents back. After you complete this short and simple task…..
  • An intake appointment will be set up for you to start mental health care and wellness services with a licensed professional. Our Intake Wellness Counselor will review your intake documents, provide a safe space share what brought you to counseling, and then link you with your primary wellness therapist.
  • You and your primary therapist will set up a schedule that works best for you.

What is Hughes Integrative Wellness?

  • A culturally responsive, wellness oriented, solution-focused mental health care practice.
  • Short-term healthcare, offering 8-15 sessions to support personal growth, an encouraging grief and loss space, processing of problems, an increase in quality of life, a safe and non-judgmental place to reflect, and gain further understanding of self and others
  • A mental health care and wellness service provider that operates according to holistic programs as services to building the whole person, starting in tandem with the mind, the body, the person, family, and the community.
  • The integrative services are collaborative in nature, whereby the interventions are based on preventative care that has an existential, multicultural, and ecological approach.
  • Professional services, collectively, imbue a wellness orientation to mental health care delivery. All services are delivered by masters-level mental health care practitioners who are compassionately considerate of diversity among all people.

Our team of mental health and wellness practitioners are all culturally responsive mental health care professionals.

We are a team of experienced mental health care & wellness counselors who understand how to support clients with problems related to the highlighted issues below:

  • NEW: Case management for coaching & professional support in meeting life & treatment goals
  • Burnout reduction
  • Racial trauma
  • Career/Work issues (e.g. imposter syndrome, mental prep for retirement, fitting in)
  • PTSD, grief, and loss
  • Adaptive behaviors in unexpected life situations
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Forgiveness & apologies
  • Changes across the lifespan: adulting and aging
  • Social identity development and issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Stress: work, financial, educational, environmental, health
  • Family & couples therapy
  • Mood/emotion regulation
  • Creativity and motivation
  • Exercise, nutrition, and physical health check-ups (e.g., blood pressure, oxygen, weight)

HIW Services

Self Care Planning – With a professional counselor, create a personalized plan to work on self, build healthier boundaries, and improve self-esteem. This is a 2-3 session (ex. short term) service.

Professional counseling – out patient mental health care service that includes treatment planning, weekly or bi-weekly sessions, both to address the reduction of problems related to mental health and wellness. (Example problems are grief, depression, guilt anxiety, sleep problems, relationship issues, sadness, lack of motivation, etc.).

Group counseling – Small groups of people who have similar problems meet together with a professional counselor to receive support, privately share concerns, work on resolving unfinished business, and collaborate on tasks of living healthier and successful lives.

  • Stress management – learn to identify life stressors that may be managed through new behaviors and ways of thinking. 16 session group or individual sessions.
  • Wellness as a lifestyle – learn and talk about the 8 dimensions of wellness model to improve quality of life in multiple areas from finances to the environment. 10 session group.
  • Grief and Loss – a 16 session personalized program to support the purpose and power of grief’s enduring pain and a validating healing process
  • Breathe – learn to relax, practice self-regulation, and to know the mind/body connection. 10 session group.

Bibliotherapy – Through reading of self-help books on myriad of life problems related to mental health, wellness, and lifestyle, support is provided via discussion with peers and/or professional counselors. We provide the books in our Self-Help Reading Library!

Wellness Classes – 8-10 Week classes the meet weekly to learn about and improve multiple areas of life.

  • An easy to follow curriculum is used and facilitated by a HIW team member
  • Teen class

What’s your score? : Assessments – professionally administered tools to increase personal awareness that is to help with creating action plans to improve daily behaviors in various context: school, home, relationships, work, etc.

  • Learning style assessment
  • Wellness assessment
  • Quality of Life
  • Increase quality of life
  • Enhance well-being
  • Improve whole lifestyle functioning.

Individualized Care

We treat children ages 6+, teens, adults, families, and groups. Individualized care consists of individual therapy and group therapy.

Financial Wellness

Specialized task group to help create budgets, save money, increase fiscal responsibility, and invest in self-work that is sure to provide a wealth of return.



Be Free

Relaxation Groups

Interactive activity groups to learn and practice relaxation techniques through music, art, and group exercises. The overall goals are to support stress management, develop mindfulness, and reach personalized relaxation states of being.