Policy concerning program fees, refunds, and cancellation

Fees: All fees are final unless stated by CESD, LLC. Also, all fees are to be paid through Eventbrite.com at the time of registration for the events (i.e., workshops, trainings, lectures).

Refunds: All payments are final, meaning no refunds. See “cancellation” for caveat.

Cancellation: A) If CESD, LLC cancels an event (i.e., workshop, training, or lecture) that has been pre-paid by an attendee, a refund will be provided within a two (2) weeks of the set date of the event. B) If a rain-date has been set as a result of the cancellation, pre-paid attendees may use admittance for that event or any other future event of their choice.

Policy concerning the review and resolution of attendee/participant complaints and disputes related to programs

Problems encountered with any aspect of a CESD, LLC workshop, training, or lecture can be emailed to Dr. Sherritta Hughes, LPC, ACS at sherrittahughes1@yahoo.com OR Mrs. Cathy Eaton, Program Administrator for CESD, LLC at eatoncj15@gmail.com

We look forward to working with you to resolve all issues that arise to the best of our ability.