Hello All,

Welcome to 2019-2020! This year CESD, LLC will be offering more professional trainings, lectures, and counselor development opportunities. Most of these opportunities will be offered via a live virtual medium. The live virtual medium will be a prime way to participate in CESD, LLC events from wherever you may be across the nation and around the world.

All registrations for the trainings, lectures, and development opportunities can be found at Eventbrite.com. After registering, participants will be emailed the private link to the virtual meeting space.

CESD, LLC has brought on a team of seasoned professional trainers who specialize in a number of areas in the counseling profession. Below is a partial list of topical areas that we will offer sessions on:

  • Leadership in counseling association divisions
  • Career work with marginalized and oppressed groups
  • Theory and therapy for counseling and psychotherapy
  • Clinical supervision: models for practice
  • Ethics: Codes and interpretations
  • Military families in therapy
  • Social and cultural competency to proficiency
  • Counselor education: building curriculum based on CACREP student learning objectives

Also this year, CESD, LLC will offer a Multicultural Counseling Certificate (MCC) program. The MCC program will be for mental health professionals wanting to grow further in their social and cultural competency. This is a 9 week training program that consists of three (3) weekly sessions that total 40 hours of training. Each of the weekly sessions are offered twice a day for ease of access for participants with busy schedules. The MCC program will begin in April of 2019, where registration will open at Eventbrite.com on February 5, 2019.

Summer 2017 Dates



5/28 — 13th Documentary viewing and panel/open discussion (Day/Time: Sunday, 3pm – 6pm; Cost: $10)

5/31 — Cultural Identities and Encounters: How to Improve Relationships from a Multicultural Perspective (Day/Time: Wednesday 7pm – 9pm; Cost: $10)


6/10 — Wellness Group: 8 Dimensions of Life and How They’re Related (Day/Time: Saturday,  1pm – 3pm; Cost: $10)

6/18 — Fire in the Blood Documentary and Panel Discussion on AID Crisis in Africa and the American Medication Connection (Day/Time: Sunday, 3pm – 6pm; Cost: $10)

6/24 — Wellness Group: Becoming the Solution for Your Life Problems (Day/Time: Saturday, 3pm – 6pm; Cost: $10)


7/11 — Wellness Group: Tension Reduction for Mental Relaxation (Time: 7pm – 8pm; Cost: $10)

7/21 — Bake-Off Competition: A Charity Occasion for Franklin Township Youth Headed Back to School for the Fall 2017 School Year (Day/Time: Friday, 7pm – 9pm; Cost: $10)

7/23 — Wellness Group: The Nutrition Emotion Connection and Aging with Grace (Day/Time: Sunday, 3pm – 5pm; Cost: $10)


8/5 — And Still I Rise Documentary viewing and open mic night (Day/Time: Saturday, 6p – 9p; Cost: $10)

8/16 — Wellness Group: Parenting for Emotionally Stable Youth (Day/Time: 6pm – 8pm; Cost: $10)

8/26 — Back-To-School With a Purpose: Free Supplies, Motivation, and Haircuts (Day/Time: Saturday, 11am – 3pm; Cost: $FREE)